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Below is a partial listing of publications, research, book chapters, magazine articles and columns that have been written by and/or contributed to by RANA’s president, Nancy Chew.


  • Chew, N. J. 2000. Aerosolized Drugs: Current Regulatory Perspective. Resp Care 45(6): 764 – 768
  • Chew, N. J. and Sherman, M.I. 1975. Biochemistry of differentiation of Mouse Trophoblast: Δ5, 3 β-Hydroxysteroid Dehydrogenase. Biology of Reproduction 12:351-359
  • Marcal, J.M., Chew, N. J., Salomon, D. S., and Sherman, M. I. 1975 Δ5 , 3 β-Hydroxysteroid Dehydrogenase Activities in Rap Trophoblast and Ovary During Pregnancy. Endocrinology 96(5):1270-1279
  • von der Leyen, Heiko E., Chew N. Nitric oxide synthase gene transfer and treatment of restenosis: from bench to bedside. European Journal of Clinical Pharmacology 2006;62:7.

Book Chapters:

  • Chew, N. and Cavagnaro, J. A. “Regulatory Issues in Gene Theraphy. Good Science – Good Sense.” In: Manufacturing of Gene Therapeutics: Methods, Processing, Regulation And Validation. Ed. G. Subramanian (London, U.K.: Kluwer Academic/Plenum Publishers, 2002)

Magazine Articles and Columns:

  • BioPharm (Editor, Regulatory Affairs Column, monthly, March 1988 – 2001)
  • Medical World News
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Review (U.K.)
  • Pharmaceutical Technology Europe
  • Regulatory Affairs Focus
  • Fritz, E., Minnick, D. & Chew, N. 2010 “Getting started with the FDA’s electronic submissions gateway” Regulatory Rapporteur, TOPRA Publishing. V. 7(9) pp. 4-6

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