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Associations and Societies

The acronym for Regulatory Affairs, North America is RANA. Like the frog genus RANA, we are no strangers to science. We can dissect the most complex problems, catch solutions on the fly and are bellweathers in any regulatory environment.

American College of Toxicology – (American College of Toxicology’ mission is to educate, lead and serve professionals in industry, government and related areas of toxicology. )

Drug Information Association (DIA is a neutral, nonprofit, global, professional association who work in every facet of the discovery, development, and life cycle management of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and related products.)

Food and Drug Law Institute (The Food and Drug Law Institute (FDLI) is a nonprofit organization committed to providing high quality education and a neutral forum for the generation of ideas and discussion of law and public policy for its legal, policy, and regulatory communities. )

North Carolina Regulatory Affairs Forum (an association of regulatory affairs professionals centered in the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill “Triangle” of North Carolina USA; dedicated to providing education and support for the continuing professional development of individuals who have an interest in regulatory affairs activities as they apply to research, development, or manufacture of drugs, biologics, or medical devices.)

Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society (an international membership organization of regulatory professionals in the rapidly growing medical device, pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors.)

The Organization for Professionals in Regulatory Affairs (TOPRA is the global organisation for Regulatory Affairs professionals and for those who have an interest in Regulatory Affairs in the healthcare sector.)

BioProcess International (a monthly, controlled-circulation magazine devoted to the development, scale-up, and manufacture of biotherapeutics and biodiagnostics.)

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